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Online Groups

Participate in one or both sessions:




4 Wednesdays:

January  23, 30, Feb 6, 13

 8:30-10:00pm ET (5:30-7:00pm Pacific)

What’s the Purpose?

  • Learn and share as a group about the awakening process while preparing for the birth of your child.

  • Learn how to birth with the highest consciousness. 

  • Explore Relationship Coherence, Meditation Birth, Hypnobirthing, Integrated Nervous System Birthing, and more.

  • Create a culture of personal growth in your new family.

  • Avoid common stumbles of new parents.

  • Focus on integrating that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

  • Deepen into the teachings currently available for the integration and stabilization of awakening. 


Who would enjoy this?

  • Pregnant women and their partners, support persons and family members.

  • Couples who are preparing for conception. 


What are the benefits?

  • Further expand your sense of Self so you can offer your best to your baby’s life.

  • Create more alignment, awareness and harmony in your relationships before the baby is born.

  • Define and focus on your best birth outcomes and choose practices to support them.

  • Gain clarity about what you would like to invoke in your soul’s journey.

  • Develop skills for equanimity regardless of circumstances.

Why an online community?

  • Community catalyzes exponential growth.

  • There is a wonderful sense of belonging to each other as we explore life.  

  • It’s an effective way for cultivating a feeling of Oneness. 

  • Connecting with others uplifts your week.

  • Others can support the goals you choose. 

  • Community leads you to fresh new ideas for your life.

  • It is an opportunity to bring yourself forward and gift others.

  • It helps you explore where you are and where you'd like to go in your development.

  • Others expose you to new resources and plenty of inspiration.

  • You are held accountable in your material and spiritual commitments.

  • Being in community increases our joy and enthusiasm for being alive.


What themes we will be looking at?

  • Your optimum birth experience

  • Conscious relationships

  • A range of systems for spiritual expansion 

  • Neurobiology and quantum physics of birth

  • Self-Compassion

  • Personal daily practices

  • Emotional life

  • Forgiveness

  • Growing up, Waking up, Cleaning up and Showing up

  • Opening our hearts


How does it work?

  • We will meet once a week and share about our learning.

  • We will offer prompts and material to review.

  • Participants will pair up for a 20-min call between sessions to go deeper.

  • We will create a safe container in which to share and make new friends.  

  • We will continue to support each other following the course (e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp).


How much does it cost?


  •   $65.00 

  • Partners join for free!


(If you are enthusiastic about the offering but money is a barrier, just let me know and we can arrange something or you can just pay it forward. 

I’m wanting to give my gifts as much as possible.) 


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Others services:  

If you align with this orientation to pregnancy, birth, postpartum and pre-conception and would like personal or couples coaching I have appointment times available here.  (I hold some free slots each week for people with financial challenges)


Who is hosting the group?

My name is Monique Gauthier, M.Ed. I am a mother of two daughters, a transformative educator, midwife and spiritual counsellor.  My spiritual counselling work is based on my own personal experience and being a life long student of A Course in Miracles, Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, and numerous spiritual teachers and trainings.
I’ve guided students to ecovillages such as Findhorn in Scotland, Auroville (and Arunachula) in India, and Plum Village in France for transformative semester-long study abroad programs.


I have been a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) and RM (Registered Midwife) in the U.S. and Canada and have attended births for 30 years.  Embodied spirituality has been at the core of my care for pregnant families choosing conscious conception, hypnobirthing, meditation birth, and sacred practices. I counsel individuals, couples and groups, both in-person and online. 


At this time of transition in the world, many of us are moving from information gathering and philosophy to actually walking our spiritual talk. This embodiment has been my focus.  I am passionate about our human potential and our evolution to the peaceful world of our dreams. I believe that raising consciousness is the key to our healing of this planet into great beauty. 


Where this class is coming from?

I asked myself: “If I were being born into a family today what would I want?”


  • I would want my parents to be as conscious as possible.

  • I would want every opportunity for a happy birth.

  • I would want my parents to have taken the time to deeply inquire into each other and learn what will make for the most harmonious, healthy environment for me to develop.  

  • To the extent my genes are regulated by my environment, I would want focussed attention on the highest possibilities for that environment.

  • Given my mother and father’s stress levels will affect me for years to come, I would want them to know how to manage their minds and communications.  

  • Since in my first five to seven years I am absorbing beliefs into my subconscious that will influence my choices and thinking for my whole life and thereby affect my health, relationships, abundance and psychology etc., then I would want my family and experiences during my upbringing to be as conscious and positive as possible.

  • I would want my parents to have taken the steps to facilitate the most love and joy to come my way during my spongy years.


“Remember we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we’re so deeply interconnected with one another. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment., and being love is the supreme creative act. 

- Ram Dass


These Times of Transformation

We are in a time of great awakening and parents are bringing in the next generation with far greater awareness than ever before.  We can birth joyous and peaceful beings that are here to contribute to our rapid global evolution.  Yes, at one level, this can look like an insecure time to bring another soul into the world, but from a higher perspective this is the time to start families from the most awake place possible.


This online group learning is aimed at gathering families who want to explore what is possible when we choose to birth our new families from our highest potential.  We now have a far greater knowledge of mind, body and  spirit connections that lead to outcomes that are loving, spectacular, gloriously happy and very deeply fulfilling. Now is the time to embody being a Spirit. 


How would a spiritual being give birth, raise a family and be in a relationship?

Our cultural narrative says birthing and raising babies is often more about surviving versus thriving.  In order to love life more deeply, we need to pay attention to what is in our conditioned minds about parenting and relationships. In our group time, you will be invited to contemplate on many topics both individually and together with your partner.  Learning to consistently align with your truer Self leaves less to chance and the sometimes overshadowing voices of authorities, doctors, parents, books, etc…  Reflecting on who you are now in this cultural milieu will have lasting repercussions on the quality of your experience of birth, parenting, partnering and, most importantly, your relationship with yourself.  


It is in times of big change that we learn exponentially about ourselves, our habit thoughts, and our ways of coping in the world.  The more we strive towards higher consciousness, the more we can grow towards inner peace and joy in our lives.  This is so important because in a unified field of consciousness, the quality of our thinking and experiencing of life affects all of us -- especially the ones we are raising and the loved ones by our sides.


I see my role in this online community as a questioner, a clarifier, and a provider of information and inspiration.  My dream is simply to extend love. During my years of caring for women and families,  what has really inspired me is the enormous opportunity of this rite of passage of birth to wake up and take life to a whole new level. 


"A woman has the greatest opportunity to provide the best outcome for a baby and its potentialities. Not only by having a conscious and definite will to form the child according to the highest ideal she can conceive, but first and foremost having the aspiration to work on herself."

Sri Aurobindo


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