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The purpose of coaching is to prepare the mind to move forward with greater peace and effectiveness.  The usual trouble maker is the ego, which can create painful and sticky situations.  This coaching aims to bring awareness and light to the thinking patterns creating the chaos and to help  find a way out of the perceived situation.  The general result is a much clearer and more easeful way of being.  Examples of life situations I can help with include relationships, career, pregnancy, persistent sadness,  physical health issues and spiritual crises.  

Sessions can be done in person or phone or Skype/Zoom. Duration can range from a quick 15 minute power check-in to an hour and a half in depth.  Either way, the purpose is to quickly bring relief to the feeling state, access concrete solutions, and stabilize the mind and heart with deeper understandings.  I use a spiritual form of deep listening to guidance. 

We are never alone in the work of bringing more love and peace into this world. 

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