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This online group starts Monday, April 6th, 2020 at 10:00 AM EST


This is an online group for women who know they are Spirit incarnate, bringing into the world their best expression of Love.


We will rise and fill up with joy together and keep pumped for the day.  Yes, these are crazy times but no need for angst.


You are busy co-creating a miracle for this world and you are going for it with your all.  You will not let the environment, the news or any fear-mongering get in the way of celebrating a dream come true.


We know that consciousness affects the body and there is plenty of research on the epigenetics of what gets passed on to the next generation.  So pass on peaceful, delightful hormones through your placenta to your baby, who is happy to be coming to the planet to be a part of the “Big Turning”.  May your amniotic fluid bathe your child in confidence, positivity, and possibility.


Come join us for tea while we set the tone for the day.  You will love being with spiritual sisters who can see beyond the environment they are surrounded by, into the higher order of things.


We will have festivities of connection, sweet deepening, and delight.  You will have the tools to keep your pregnancy in the highest of vibrations.  

I’m excited to share all that I’ve learned and experienced about bioenergetics and the expansion of consciousness for the results you are aiming for.  

I know that this group will keep you reaching for the stars while your feet are well-grounded in Mother Earth.


This gathering offers training in a mindfulness of good cheer and self-love.  We will share our daily commitments to our well being and your profound connection to your child. We will look at the bunch of pregnancy choices and become refined in our listening to our own inner promptings. 

You will become filled with faith in your ability to deliver your child in a way that brings you a lifetime of satisfaction and pleasure in who you are. 


Give yourself and your baby the gift of time to focus on what has the highest value in life.  Create clarity in your being that will make your motherhood the experience of your dreams.


Now is the time to rise in your power, and be fully embodied in your Spirit.  Your baby will thank.  This I know!



Who:  Monique Gauthier M.Ed.  is a midwife from the U.S. and Canada with 30 years of experience.  She is currently                           living in Southern India, in Auroville, an international spiritual community with the goal of human unity.


When:   Monday, Wednesday, Friday, at 10:00 AM -10:45 AM Eastern Standard Time. 

                         Starts Monday, April.  6th, 8th, 10th, 13th,15th,17th.


Where: Zoom and WhatsApp group


How much:  $75

(or any love offering, if you can’t afford it right now.  We just want your heartfelt presence, really)


Registration: Email me at:

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