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I believe our world is evolving quickly and we are being called to midwife a new consciousness. Part of this transformation involves holding birth as a sacred passage in which children are born peacefully. In over 25 years of attending births I've been honored to witness many women birthing in their power. I've learned a lot about what supports a peaceful birthing experience and applied this wisdom during my daughters' births. I now want to pass along what I've learned to others through this DVD.




Introduction (5:55 min)

  • A six-minute video where I share my birth philosophy and practices.


Simone's Birth (12:28 min)

  • The first birth (of Simone) is attended by a few midwife friends, along with my husband and mother. We see the progress from a dilation check of two centimeters to my wacky, move-the-baby-down dance, some praying and kissing and the baby surfacing beautifully. The mood is relaxed and joyous.


Pema's Birth (15:08 min)

  • The second birth (of Pema) is an unassisted birth. We wait for Simone (then four-years-old) to arrive with friends while the baby begins to descend. She arrives just in time to watch her sister be born. We watch Simone's excitement and surprise as she first meets her new sister. Simone adds much humor to the event. Along with baby Pema's arrival, we see the delivery of the placenta and the first nursing.



  • There is the option to view each birth with my commentary, including midwifery tips, what was going on in my head, and some suggested childbirth preparations

Birthing Peace DVD

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  • "Birthing Peace is a lovely and moving film for women who are planning a home birth.  Monique glows.  She has a radiant personality.  And there's a terrific 'groovy dance.'"  - Sheila Kitzinger, Author, Social Anthropologist


    "When someone asks me what my ideal birth looks like, I show them this DVD!  I've watched Birthing Peace again and again, and it still fills me with joy every time I watch it!  What a gift Monique Gauthier has given to women.  If this is the future of birth, and I certainly hope it is, we have much to look forward to!"  - Laura Shanley, Author, Childbirth Advocate


    "Seeing other women give birth teaches us how to birth.  Monique's beautiful and real videos re-educate my whole nervous system so that I can envision a more natural, peaceful and harmonious labor.  Labor can be simple and empowering and Monique helps to hold the space or this."  - Dr. Jen Green, Naturopathic Doctor


    A beautiful DVD illustrating the wonder of a planned home birth when the woman is at peace with herself and is surrounded by a supportive partner, a midwife and her family.  I can recommend it to anyone who is considering a homebirth."  - Dr. Marsden Wagner, Former Director, Women's and Children's Health, World Health Organization.

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